Scholarships for the Academic Year 2020 – 2021

All of the listed scholarships can be applied to within the same school year. You may accept funds from all scholarships granted for only the amount of tuition, enrollment fees, and books. Please notify Julie Hoffer if you have applied for scholarships for this upcoming year. She will help track the process of these applications for you.

    Fayette County Scholarship

    Click on the link to be routed to the CFFC page. You must reside in Fayette County. Click on Grants at the top and then application.

    Opportunity Scholarship

    If you reside in an under-performing school district, your child/children may be eligible for a FULL Tuition re-imbursement through the Opportunity Scholarship. Please click on the link to see if your school district is on this revised list.

    Childrens Scholarship Foundation

    Please apply for EITC and the Opportunity Scholarship through this link. If you are applying for the Opportunity Scholarship, remember that Tuition and Fees are covered so please include this in the amount asking for.

Guidelines for Scholarship Eligibility:

Families with one child and a household income of $75,000 or less (Adjusted Gross Income on your Tax Form) qualify to apply for a scholarship. An income allowance of $15,000 is allowed for each additional child and dependent member of the household.